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The Best Food!
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The Best Food!

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  • Funnel Cakes

    All golden brown funnel cakes come with your choice of powdered sugar, cinnamon, strawberry, chocolate or caramel syrup. We also offer real strawberry, cherry or apple toppings.

  • Cotton Candy

    Fluffy tasty cotton candy is always a party favorite. Sold in increments of 50 bags per.

  • Candy Apples

    Delicious red apples covered with a sweet cherry shell. Sold in increments of 25 per.

  • Popcorn

    Fresh popcorn popped at your location. Sold in increments of 50 bags.

  • Snow Cones

    Shaved ice with your choice of assorted fruity flavors. Sold in increments of 50 per.

  • George's Funnel Cakes :: Gallery :: 13
    Fruit Lemonade

    George’s famous lemonade topped with pineapple, mango, peach and strawberry.

  • Hot Dogs & Hamburgers

    Tasty hotdogs and hamburgers prepared on site with buns and condiments. Sold in increments of 50 per.

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